Who Is Cartus?

Each Relocation Agent Network member has been handpicked by Cartus, the industry leader in relocation and global mobility services.

With an expansive global footprint, providing services in over 185 countries, Cartus moved nearly 162,000 customers, worldwide in 2018. In the UK alone, Cartus has over 35 years' experience in the residential property market and knows what makes a good estate agent.

Selection: By Invitation Only
Cartus is highly selective when choosing each Relocation Agent. Membership is based on criteria such as:

  • Quality of service
  • Local knowledge
  • Professionalism

This strictly, invitation-only membership means Cartus can be confident that (in their opinion) each Relocation Agent Network member is the Local Expert in their area.

For Sellers, each Relocation Agent works with fellow members, to help relocating families move across the UK, which means our members have access to buyers who are moving into towns and cities nationwide - giving you an additional channel in which to sell or rent your home.

For Buyers moving out of an area, you can go to your local Relocation Agent, who will pass on your details to the agent in your destination location. This Relocation Agent can then supply property details and concise area information about the area you are moving to. If you are planning on buying or renting a property closer to home, then our Relocation Agents are your Local Expert and can guide you through the moving process.

So whether you are moving five or 500 miles, you have access not only to your local estate agent, but to the entire Relocation Agent Network across England, Scotland and Wales.